The Boundaries Coach For Women

I help you create clear boundaries to have the love & life you were made for.

You've had Success. But You feel Like an Impostor.

Inside, you believe there’s something wrong with you. 

You’re too much or not enough.

You doubt yourself & get overwhelmed with emotions.

You say yes and you feel guilty about saying no

The more you feel pressured, the more you shut down.

You agree with others more than you agree with yourself.

You constantly make sacrifices & change plans so you can “love” others.

You don’t speak up & hide the real you. 

And sometimes you don’t even know who the real you is.

Life isn't Meant To Survive.
You were made to Thrive.

Your God-given Thriving Story is waiting on YOU. 

Your brain has a program that’s been running the story. 

You were never shown how to take control & rewrite it. 

Now I can show you. 

Hi, I'm Natalie.

I help successful, loving women create the connections they really want & make the impact they were made for.  

You want to be loving but you’re stressed, anxious, & unhappy.  You’re done doubting yourself and your ability to set & overcome boundaries.  You’re ready to have the  love & life your soul desires.  

You shouldn’t have to live feeling stuck, helpless or hopeless.  

I can help you.

Boundaries + cognitive tools
Create The Best life story

A loving life that loves their life takes more 

than just books, people, and doing.

It takes your mind. 

Sound exciting?  Not really.

Successful?  Absolutely. 

Using cognitive psychology-based tools, you can transform stressful patterns & the self-critical thoughts that  cause anxiousness, indecision, & resentment.

The results for you...

  • Feeling happy, safe, & secure
  • Trusting yourself & your partner
  • Creating the love & life you were made for
  • Making the GREATEST impact on the world

Better Boundaries

Other programs focus on visualization, values, personal development, positive affirmations, or spirituality. 

Yes to all of those. They matter.  


They’re missing what will create the secure relationships you really want. 

What we will do is look at your unique challenges & patterns to write a new plan.  

I coach clients in rewriting their story & patterns so they finally have their deepest desires.

Who this is for

You are serious about changing your patterns, overcoming the invisible barriers, & creating better boundaries.

You want to stop 2nd guessing yourself. 

You are tired of being disappointed, indecisive, and waiting for it to happen.

You want to stop looking externally to find happiness, value and love.  

You are ready to fully love yourself, others & your life.

Before working with Natalie, I felt second best in every aspect of my life. I had just gone through a break up and was depressed. I never wanted to talk about my feelings post break up and bottled up all of my emotions. I was overthinking every situation in my life rather than living in the present. 

I was drowning my sadness with alcohol which ended up making me feel worse about the situation I was in. 

At the beginning stages of working with Natalie, I found the homework hard. The homework made me think about different things I had held in so long. Once I got the hang of homework and really analyzing my emotions, I found the work to be healing. I was finally facing emotions and learning how to move forward. 

My thinking process changed after working with Natalie. I have more self confidence and love for myself. I feel in control of emotions and life for the first time. 

I recommend Natalie for anyone needing to learn how to love themselves. If you are willing to put in the work, the outcome will make you a better and happier person.  The skills Natalie has taught me helped me come out of a dark place and will help me overcome anything in the future.