On the Outside, You Are…

Ambitious.  Intelligent.

Perfectionist. A People Pleaser.

High-Achiever.  The “Nice Girl”.

But Inside…

You Feel Like You’re Doing It All Wrong.

You struggle with decisions.

You spend days worrying about what others might think and feel – are they mad?!

You don’t know how to handle your own emotions or someone else’s.

You are spinning wondering what you want in life and who you are.  So you do nothing.

That’s Why I’m Here.


Hi, I’m Natalie!  Certified Life Coach.

Not a therapist, not a teacher, and not an athletic coach.

I’m like a combination of all three; I focus on thought work to help create the results you want in her life.

You can transform those mean girl thoughts that stress you out and limit your potential.

It’s cognitive psychology-based techniques that you can learn NOW and change the trajectory of your life!

You’ll learn to say no, stop worrying needlessly, make strong decisions, crush goals and BELIEVE in yo’self!


Decision-making that becomes drama that lasts for days?  No more making a decision and then backing out when you fear failure, being alone, or being the odd woman out.  You will be a confident, independent thinker.

Healthy Relationships

Worrying about other opinions and people-pleasing create emotional prisons now and possibly the rest of our lives.  You aren’t free to be yourself, and it creates havoc.  The answer lies in the techniques I teach.  You learn what it really means to be empowered.


Being shy, kind, or introverted doesn’t mean you hold yourself back.  Strong doesn’t mean outgoing and popular.  We worry about succeeding and worry about failing.  All of these fears are winning.  I teach you the skills you need to go after what you really want when you really want it.  The world needs you to shine your light.

How It Works


One-to-One Coaching

We meet once a week for 45 minutes for one to one sessions

where I teach concepts that will empower and equip you for the rest of your life.

For more details on my program, click the “Yes, tell me more!” button.

Meet Anywhere

We meet virtually online in a safe environment using a smart phone, a computer, or tablet.  Vacation, traveling, or even a late night at the soccer field?  Virtual sessions allow us to meet anywhere you are.


You will walk away with tools and skills that will equip you far more than what you got in school.   These are life skills.


You will learn to apply the tools and strategies in your own life and create the future and success you want.

Most Common Struggles

Relationships - Friends, Guys, & Family

Your Life Coach

  • Natalie Wilson
    Natalie Wilson


  • I wasted so much time worrying about their feelings.  I never would have done that before.  I would have just hid my feelings instead of just being honest.  And it’s amazing that I don’t have to worry about why someone else doesn’t think the way I think and trying to appease them and make them like me.  This is liberating!  Now I’m learning to speak the truth and not feel bad more. 

  • I have learned so much from Natalie.  I love that I can talk to someone who is so neutral and understands.

  • What started out as a way to hold me accountable for my goals has turned into helping me understand and making better decisions in all areas of my life.


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