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Real Joy
Deep Satisfaction
Inner Confidence
A Fulfilling Career
A man You Love
Authentic You

You're In The Right Place

Feelin' stuck in a rut?

Feel like you’re doing all the things and it’s still not enough?

I’ve been there too.

Learn the 3 rules that hold strong, independent women like you from moving forward in their life. 

This FREE guide will tap into that power that lies within and get you going.

I help women like you feel better & fall in love. 

It starts with this free gift.  

3 Rules To Break  – To Get The Life You Want

Hi, I'm Natalie.

I help independent strong women feel better and fall in love. 

You might want to fall in love with a career, your life, or the man of your dreams.

Living a life you are wildly in love with is possible.  

I can help you.

For the woman who...

 – believes there is something wrong with her…there isn’t. 

– thinks there are no good men left to find…there are. 

 – feels lost in her career and can’t decide what to do next…there is direction available.

– doubts herself and gets overwhelmed with emotions…this is totally normal.  


Your brain has a program for all of these things.  

You were never taught how to reprogram it.  

Now I can show you.  

“I started out looking for the magic way to lose weight. Because this was why I thought I could not find happiness and was so miserable. Natalie would send me free videos and messages that started to speak to me. I decided to sign up for her coaching sessions and within a month, I lost 20 lbs! I knew I was on a new path and it turned out it had nothing to do with my weight.

Natalie and I first started conquering my thoughts on food and eating but it soon after turned into a new way of approaching my thoughts on everything. And for the first time in 10 years, maybe my entire life, I have control over every thought and emotion that comes my way!

It is a new beginning and I am so grateful for Natalie Wilson Coaching. I am starting a new business, posted a picture of myself in a swimsuit on Instagram and have finally figured out what everyone meant by loving myself first….Don’t spend another dime on a diet or a self help book and sign up with Natalie!

 – Renee W., Single & Fabulous