I help single women

Enjoy Dating
Date Confidently
Fall In Love
Ditch the Dating Drama

Feelin' stuck in a rut?

Feel like you’re doing all the things and it’s still not enough?

I’ve been there too.

Whether you’re tired of the dating app culture, damaged from dating, or it’s just your own reasons challenging you, I’ve got you covered.  

Learn the 7 Real Reasons strong, independent women like you are stuck in love.

This FREE guide will show you what others haven’t told you. 

I help women like you feel better & fall in love. 

It starts with this FREE gift.  

The 7 Real Reasons You’re Stuck in Love.

(It’s not what you think.)

Hi, I'm Natalie.

I help single women who want to enjoy dating &  date confidently ditch the dating drama and fall in love. 

You want to be married, but dating seems like a chore.  You shouldn’t have to live feeling stuck, helpless or hopeless.

Living a life you are wildly in love with is possible.  

I can help you.

For the woman who...

 – believes there is something wrong with her…there isn’t. 

– thinks there are no good men left to find…there are. 

 – feels lost in her life…there is guidance available

– doubts herself and gets overwhelmed with emotions…this is totally normal.  


Your brain has a program for all of these things.  

You were never taught how to reprogram it.  

Now I can show you.  

I started coaching with Natalie to learn how to process things on my own and stop landing on the same place in my life.  I was tired of the cycles and never moving forward!  Working with Natalie, I now have a much more positive conversation in my head and am more empowered.  If you aren’t 100% happy where you are, do the coaching!   If you are struggling where you’re at, do it! 

– Danielle