The Love Coach
for Perfectionists & Over Thinkers

I help single women edit & rewrite their love story.

Want to know the
Real Reasons You're
Stuck In Love?

They're not what you think.

You've had Success. But not In the Area You Most Desire.

Inside, you believe there’s something wrong with you. 

Or there are no good men left.

You doubt yourself & get overwhelmed with emotions.

You wonder if you’re too scared or too picky.

You accept what you don’t want so you can have someone. 


You keep waiting.  

You don't have to keep doubting & waiting.

Your love story is waiting on YOU. 

Your brain has a program that’s been running the story. 

You were never shown how to take control & rewrite it. 

Now I can show you. 

Hi, I'm Natalie.

I help smart, successful single women find success in love.  

You want to be married, but love seems like a chore.  You’re done doubting yourself and your ability to pick men.  You’re ready to have the  love your soul desires.  

You shouldn’t have to live feeling stuck, helpless or hopeless.  

I can help you.

Romance + cognitive tools
Create The Best love story

A forever love takes more than just romance, apps, & timing.

It takes your mind. 

Sound sexy?  Not really.

Successful?  Absolutely. 

Using cognitive psychology-based tools, you can transform toxic patterns & the self-critical thoughts that  cause doubt & indecision.

The results for you...

  • Feeling happy, safe, & secure
  • Trusting yourself & your partner
  • Creating the forever love you want with your husband

The Love Edit

Other programs focus on visualization, values, personal development, positive affirmations, or spirituality. 

Yes to all of those. They matter.  


They’re missing what will create the serious, secure relationship you really want.

What we will do is look at your unique challenges & patterns to write a new plan.  

I coach clients in rewriting their story & patterns so they finally have their deepest desire – 

forever love.

Who this is for

You are serious about changing your patterns and finding love.

You want to stop 2nd guessing yourself. 

You are tired of being disappointed, indecisive, and waiting for it to happen.

You want to stop looking externally to find happiness and love.  

You are ready to fully love yourself and fully love someone else.

Coaching – that’s not for me, well that’s what I used to think which is exactly one of the reasons I’m so grateful I have embarked on a coaching programme with Nathalie. The way ‘I used to think’ had me trapped in a continual cycle of doubt, what if’s and anxiety. While I knew I needed to change the way I thought/my mindset, I didn’t know how to. 

In three months of working with Natalie, she has made me challenge and question my thoughts. I can confidentially say she has given me the tools to recognize the qualities I have, that I didn’t realize I had, or if I did, I didn’t have the confidence to acknowledge. 

– Shirley, U.K.