My Story

Life Coaching Is What Helped Me Rewrite It

You are the most important part of your story.   Not in a selfish way.  Not in a blaming way. In a pay-attention way.  For years, my main goal in life was to love people.  I sacrificed & did for the guys I dated, friends, co-workers, & my family.  Except I wasn’t loving myself.  I certainly didn’t know myself so how could I like or value myself?   

I kept searching for answers.  Self-development books, personality tests, Bible Studies, dating, friends, exercising, volunteering, & jobs gave me information.  But not answers.

Transformation is what I was looking for.  So are you.  

If you’re like a lot of women, you struggle with one of the following in your life:

  • how to manage the roller coaster of emotions like anxiety, pressure & overwhelm
  • how to manage the doubt & overthinking that messes with your confidence
  • how to live a life of faith while being unhappy & unfulfilled
  • how to create healthy boundaries

The truth is, in order to have the life, confidence & relationships you want, you have to master these elements or you will continue to have a love/hate relationship with yourself & others.  I learned the powerful secret to doing that.  And that’s what I want to share with you.  The secret to transforming the relationship with yourself, others, & your life.  

You deserve to have a story where you light up the world with your brilliance, your love, and your gifts. (Which stay hidden when you people please, live as an Impostor, and don’t have boundaries). 

Your heart longs for it.  Your future you will thank you for it.  It starts with you. 

I can help. 

Getting Real

I stumbled through years of dating, job hopping/hating,  & moving from apartment to apartment.  I could never commit.

I read hundreds of self-help books, relationship books, & Bible studies. I took every personality assessment out there.  I spent years in therapy resolving and rehashing childhood & family drama, trying to know “why”.

Nothing was working.  I hated my job, hated being single, & hated having no money.  

Nothing gave me the tools to start making decisions, get uncomfortable, & take the massive action I needed to take to get unstuck as an Enneagram 9.

Except the tools I learned from life coaching & The Life Coach School.  

Now I am a Certified Life Coach.  

I offer women what I wish someone had offered me:  the tools & opportunity to rewrite the toxic patterns, get confidence, & create secure relationships.  

Your life, love & dreams are waiting on you. 

If you’re ready, so am I.


 – Natalie