I finally showed up for my life

Meet Natalie

European adventures & dreams

At 23, I took a trip with my best friend to Spain.  Not knowing how to drive a stick shift or the European way, driving was an adventure.  

As we headed to the airport to leave, I got trapped circling a roundabout.  A man from the rental car company appeared almost from nowhere & took over, returning us safely.  

I left Spain & the roundabout that day, and then I spent the next 12 years trapped circling life.  

I was looking for the right man, the right job, & the right life.   I kept praying & waiting, but I was lost & lonely! 

Being the “nice girl”, the one with the big heart, the daydreamer, overthinker, I people pleased & used dreams to keep me from knowing who I was and making strong decisions. 

At 34, I hit a wall. 

That’s when I decided I  wasn’t going to sit back and wait anymore.

I was going to be the hero of my own story.  

I went from hating my job to waking up every day loving going into work.  

Then I tried new hobbies, met new friends, and traveled to new places.   I started living as if life was adventure to live not a waiting place for singles.  

The tools & confidence I gained, I used to create a life I was wildly in love with.

And then I met my husband.

There’s Nothing
Wrong With You.

But you probably don’t believe me.  

That’s where I come in.  I help you see what you don’t see.  Our brains are tricky and most of us don’t even realize what it’s doing because we’re so used to thinking, believing, and doing the way we’ve always done.  

The way you’ve always done isn’t working. Right?

Getting Real

Let me be honest.

I stumbled through that decade dating, job hopping or job hating,  & moving from apartment to apartment.  

I read hundreds of Christian self-help books & did hundreds of Bible studies. I took every personality assessment out there.  I spent years in therapy resolving and rehashing childhood & family drama.

Nothing was working.  I hated my job, hated being single, & hated having no money.  

Nothing gave me the tools to start making decisions, get uncomfortable, & take the massive action I needed to take to get unstuck.  

Except the tools I learned from life coaching & The Life Coach School.  

Now I am a Certified Life & Weight Coach.  

I offer single women what I wish someone had offered me:  the tools & opportunity to get clarity, get confidence, & fall wildly in love with themself & their life.  

You don’t have to live lost.  You don’t have to live lonely.  

Your adventures & dreams are waiting on you. 


XO  – Natalie

My man

When I finally fell in love with myself & my life, I met Darin.  This man checks off everything on my list, & then some.  

He is better than my wildest dreams.  

The best part is that I didn’t need him to make me happy.  

I still don’t.   He and I just get to share life together. 

The tools I use in coaching are the very tools that also keeps our marriage thriving.  

What I learned and what I share with my clients help create strong relationships forever.