Let's Change Your Love Story

Your Love Story Starts With You

You are the most important part of your love story. 

Not in a selfish way.  Not in a blaming way. In a pay-attention way.  

For years, I was set up, asked out, & pursued by lots of guys.  I had breakups,  drama, and droughts.  

It was not lack of guys or even lack of the “good” guys keeping me stuck.  It’s not your reason either.

We all have access to online dating, online articles, self-help books, and advice from friends & family.

Lack of information is not the struggle either.

If you’re like a lot of women, you struggle with one of the following in your love life:

  • how to manage the roller coaster of emotions like anxiety, confusion, & overwhelm
  • how to manage the doubt & overthinking that messes with your confidence
  • how to trust yourself, your decisions & your gut

The truth is, in order to have the life & love story you want, you have to master these three elements or you will continue to have a love/hate relationship with love.

I learned the powerful secret to doing that.

And that’s what I want to share with you.

The secret to transforming your love story.

I want you to have an incredible love story not just before you  get married, but long afterwards.  

You can have a secure, strong relationship with yourself and a man.

Your heart longs for it.

Your future you will thank you for it.

It starts with you. 

I can help. 

Getting Real

I stumbled through years of dating, job hopping/hating,  & moving from apartment to apartment.  

I read hundreds of self-help books, relationship books, & Bible studies. I took every personality assessment out there.  I spent years in therapy resolving and rehashing childhood & family drama, trying to know “why”.

Nothing was working.  I hated my job, hated being single, & hated having no money.  

Nothing gave me the tools to start making decisions, get uncomfortable, & take the massive action I needed to take to get unstuck. 

Except the tools I learned from life coaching & The Life Coach School.  

Now I am a Certified Life Coach.  

I offer single women what I wish someone had offered me:  the tools & opportunity to rewrite the toxic patterns, get confidence, & create a secure, serious relationship.  

Your love story & dreams are waiting on you. 

If you’re ready, so am I.

Let’s meet for a complimentary call.  Sometimes, you just need someone else to hear what you’re experiencing to know you’re not alone.  

Once we meet, you’ll know why you’re the most important part of your love story.  There is a better way to write it.  


 – Natalie

My Love Story

I finally found the love patterns holding me back. And it was perfect timing. Soon after,  I met my husband.

He is better than my wildest dreams.  

The best part is that I didn’t need him to make me happy.  

I still don’t.   He and I just get to love life together. 

The tools I use in coaching are the very tools that also keeps our marriage thriving.  

What I learned and what I share with my clients help create strong relationships forever.  

It helps you have the love story you want, BEFORE & AFTER you get married.