Natalie Wilson

Hello!  I’m Natalie Wilson.

You and I probably have a lot in common.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, people pleaser, and “nice girl”.  I love to follow all the rules and know that I’m doing everything “right” so that my life doesn’t go all wrong.

I really just want to be happy, love people, and live a life with purpose.  Don’t you?

Less than a decade ago, I was single in my mid-thirties, hated my job, had little money, and wasn’t even sure what I loved to do if I did have money.

It was not the life I had always wanted.  I didn’t know what I did want, but I knew it was something more. 

I have a Bachelors of Science in International Finance & Economics, a MS in English Education, and years of experience being a teacher, sales executive, trainer, and instructional coach.  I am active in my church, have done countless studies, and gone to a few years of therapy.

But what has helped me the most in overcoming the self-doubt, fears, and indecision in my life are the tools and concepts I learned as a life coach through The Life Coach School.

Now I get to share these tools with the intelligent, high-achieving, sensitive women who I have the honor of coaching.

Being sensitive to people’s emotions & the world is a gift.  It is something a lot of humans are missing in this crazy world!

But sensitive, smart and ambitious women tend to shrink in the shadows.  Hide in the background and support the hundreds of men and women around them.  And in doing so, they hide the very gifts the world needs.

You can be kind and a strong leader.  You can get what you want and still be giving.  When you shine, you help others shine more.  Don’t fade into the background making sure everything is “right”.

So let’s start with ourselves.  Let’s start overcoming our overwhelm of emotions, make powerful decisions, and lead the way to the corner office.  I believe we need more nice girls in them anyway.

XO – Natalie

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  • Natalie Wilson
    Natalie Wilson
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