It's Time To Learn How To Protect Your Heart Without Building a Wall

Big Hearts Can Be Brave Hearts

Are you tired of giving people along the way the authority to control, manipulate, and hurt you? 

Are you sick of whining and complaining and crying because they did?  Are you done feeling resentful, exhausted, and bitter?

You have a choice in the matter.

In order to love, you do NOT need to ALLOW anything and everything.  You do not have to lay your life down for a friend or sacrifice your mental health for a family member’s mental health.  You do not have to sacrifice your emotional and mental health for your clients, patients, students, or co-workers.

Being selfless doesn’t mean you have to be drained, beaten down, and never getting back.  

That’s not love.  

That’s hate towards yourself.  You slowly allow yourself to be beaten down and burned out. 

You can only give out of your big heart if you have that big heart to give.  

Boundaries are a necessity.  

Healthy boundaries are a necessity. 

You are a necessity.

Boundaries for Big Hearts

The Course


 A one hour video training that teaches you 

-The signals for when you need healthy boundaries

-The obstacles to setting boundaries & how to overcome them

-When to use boundaries vs. when to change your expectations

-How to Set Healthy Boundaries for Yourself With Yourself

-How To Set Healthy Boundaries for Yourself With Others   

A workbook to go along with the video training with questions to answer for your own life so you can apply the work. 

Life Time Access To The Course

What Others Have Learned In This Training

A clearer definition of what boundaries are and the confidence to create my own boundaries.  How to effectively communicate crossed boundaries. – Courtney

How to care for yourself so you aren’t resentful and depleting your reserve.  It’s not selfish to say no and to take care of you. – Jen

I learned the difference between boundaries for myself and the expectations I have for others. – Whitney


Total Cost $15

What Others Are Saying This was a terrific training! So much helpful advice! Thank you! - Eva
This was a great training! You are an excellent presenter!
- Stephanie J.
Fabulous overview and introduction to Boundaries...critical for a healthy life and healthy relationships!
- Stephanie A., counselor

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Boundaries for Big Hearts

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