The Dating Edit

Intensive Coaching


Do you feel like you’re doing it wrong?

You’re picking the wrong ones or you’re a commitment phobe.

Always the bridesmaid? 

What if there IS a way to find love that you haven’t tried?

There are a lot of ways for you to find dates.  

Websites, networking, set-ups.  

Finding a date isn’t the problem. 

There are a TON of people telling you what you should DO to find love.  What to text.  What to wear.  How to Flirt. Even what NOT to do.

Information is not the problem either. 


If you’re like most women, it’s 

-how to manage the roller coaster of emotions

-how to manage the doubt & overthinking that messes w/your confidence

-how to trust yourself, your decisions & your intuition

You have to master these three elements or you will continue the path you’re on now.



I learned the powerful secret to doing that.

In The Dating Edit, we’re going to rewrite your love story using brain-based coaching.

It’s not like the movie fairy tales, but it will create YOUR fairy tale.


The 3 Steps to a New Love Story:

1.  We meet for a Dating Audit to discuss your goals & dreams.

2.  You get actionable steps to create trust, overcome doubt, & attract the right ones.

3. Evaluate. Adjust.  

(Rinse & Repeat.) 

The Dating Edit
Intensive Coaching Details

A Dating “Audit” includes a 90 minute Zoom coaching call with me. We will dive deep and look at what you’re wanting, what you’ve been doing, patterns, dating profiles, and then you get actionable steps to create the love story you dream of.  

Three coaching sessions – 20 minutes – to coach on what comes up for you.  You get unbiased, expert eyes on your dating decisions, doubts, & drama.   

*Weekly Dating Evaluations

(*Online  Support)

Total Cost $349

You can keep dating and waiting. 
Or you can learn the way the world doesn't tell you.  
Your Love Story is waiting on You.

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