Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Take the first step to peace.

Get the clarity & confidence you need to decide what are the next best steps for you.

You’re probably feeling overwhelmed right now.


Unfulfilled, lost, guilty, and tired.

You can’t make the best decision for your future from that place.  And when you vent to friends & co-workers, they understand, but they have their own opinion. 

You’ve probably searched “Other Careers for Teachers”. You’ve probably listed pros and cons.  You’ve taken personality tests and prayed all hoping you’d know what to do.  

Every year, you think something will change, but it doesn’t. You just get more burned out.

You can take the first step towards peace & fulfillment today.

Next Steps Coaching is designed for you. 

1.  Learn the actionable solutions & tools to make a strong, clear decision.

2.  Gain the confidence to achieve your goals & let go of the guilt, disappointment, or fears.

3.  Jumpstart your fulfillment by reconnecting and reigniting the focus & motivation you want to stay or the focus & motivation you need to move on. 

In addition to the peace, clarity, and decision you’ll get from these 8 weeks, you’ll also learn how to find a job outside of teaching, job options for teachers, and the 3 Steps to Getting a Job in a New Field.

This SOUNDS HEAVENLY, right??!!

Here are the details:

8 weeks 

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