What is the ONE thing to focus on when you’re single & dating?

The 13 year-old girls I used to teach always told stories about the boys they were “dating”.  Dating?  Really?  I’m pretty sure it’ll be a few years before you know if “he’s the one”.  

And then you get to the college.

You’re both poor and eating Ramen, and still figuring out what you want “to do with your life”.  Or you’re so focused on your career, you don’t want to be distracted by dating.  ‘Cuz who’s got time for that?

Move on to your 20s, post-college time. For many women, you hope to marry in the next decade.  Surely you can meet a husband by then.  It’s not really asking a lot.  You graduated.  You have a somewhat steady job.  It is time for a man, sweet Jesus!

And then some women move into their 30s, and the pool of men gets smaller.  It’s like you moved from the neighborhood pool to the neighborhood baby pool. Except now you share the baby pool with your friends who married and are actually having babies.

What is happening, God?!  Do you know that I long for a husband and family?  Are you aware that you made a time limit on when I can have babies?!

I know each of these stages because I lived each one of them.

I met my husband at 36 and married when I was 37.  I know the lonely nights.  I know the awkward times at weddings without a date.  I know the set ups.  I know the internet dating sites.  I know what it’s like to complete the employee form or health insurance form and check the single box.  To list my old roommate as my local emergency contact.  And then start crying as soon as I get in the car.

Can you relate?  Were any of those feelings ones that left your heart aching?  Except maybe worse?

You know you can find someone to pass the time with.  You can find someone to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve and someone to text when you’re lonely on a Saturday night. 

You can find a date to keep you busy and distract you from the loneliness.

But is that enough for you?  Is that what you really want?  Is that what you are worthy of?  Or do you want to find your forever love?  Your forever man.

I don’t know you, but I am positive you want a forever love.  You want to marry the love of your life and then pursue life passionately together.  Passing time isn’t enough.

Don’t trade the shallow gratification of now for the deeper connection of forever.

You are worthy of more.  You want a man who knows your worth and is willing to go to great lengths to have your love.

Since I had the challenge and gift of being single until I was 37, many people ask me how I met my husband – especially because he is SO incredibly handsome, successful, and Godly.  Truly, I got a 10. 

Looking back, I followed 5 steps.  It was a process I did because it worked. 

It’s the same process I used to switch careers.  It’s the same process I used to lose weight.  To get out of debt.  And to start a coaching business that in 4 months was already more than what I was making as a part-time teacher.   

I teach my clients the 5 step process.  But here is the most important one.  

  • Discover your Love Blueprint.  
  • Rewrite your Love Blueprint.  

That seems like two, doesn’t it?  It’s really the same.  Once you discover it, almost simultaneously, you want to start reprogramming it.  

Here’s why it’s the MOST important step….

Your love blueprint is the plan.   It’s the set of patterns and beliefs you have that keep popping up in your dating life.  If you don’t discover it, and then rewrite it, no matter WHO you meet…or even marry…that crappy blueprint will show back up.  

It’s the plan your brain is following.  Without you even knowing it.  

(If you want to discover your love blueprint, I created a guide for you.  I also  created a guide to reprogram your love blueprint.  Just go to this page, and it’s yours FREE!)

Some of you are thinking – is that it?  I know.  I’m a type A kinda gal who would much rather have this list.

  1. Workout three times a week
  2. Text back only after initially texted to
  3. Don’t drink more than one glass of wine on the date
  4. Find out his favorite meal and cook it
  5. Smile non-stop the first three dates

That’s better, right?  You have much more control of these, and these are, by far, way easier to do.  These are all, actually, good suggestions.  Most men want a healthy, happy good cook who is confident and not a drunk.

This list, though, are the outcomes of my five step process.   And so is loving yourself,  loving your life, and falling in love.  

BUT.   I’m here to testify that this ONE thing is worth your time because it translates not just to a forever man, but to an amazing forever woman. And an amazing forever MARRIAGE.  

Let me reassure you – once I started focusing on this one thing, I became an even better woman. (You can get the guide here.)

And that’s when I found my forever man.  Praise sweet baby Jesus.

*This originally was written and posted in 2017 on my old blog. I’ve since revised it.

The single step that moved me out of stuck & into forward

Everyone has a story.

Nicole grew up with an emotional roller coaster of a family that had poor communication. She had few friends & never learned real connection. She had her heart broken by a man she thought she’d marry. She kept trying to find her place in the world with a guy or career, but nothing worked. All her friends moved on without her. She could barely afford her rent & food each month.

Wendy had a better life. Her family lived comfortably and traveled all over the world. They were told how close they all were all the time. She was extremely smart and was placed in advanced classes through college. She had a line of guys calling and asking her out well into her 30s. Everywhere she went, people loved being around her. She went on to get a graduate degree, be a master of her craft, & win awards. Wendy became a leader in her field and bought a home in one of the nicest areas of her city.

Why is it that Wendy had such a great life and Nicole didn’t? Especially when they’re the same person. Yep. Nicole and Wendy are me. NW.

Each story is true. But only one helped me move forward in life.

We all have stories were telling ourselves all day long. The way authors can’t describe everything that happens to a hero changes the kind of story it is. It determines if it’s a comedy, tragedy, romance, or adventure.

If we’re all telling ourselves stories all day, then why don’t we tell the story we want to tell? Why not tell the story that fuels us forward?

This might seem like Positive Polly to you. It’s not. I’m not asking you to deny the other story. (If you focused on the negative ones, wouldn’t you be denying the positive?)

Neither story is the absolute truth but only one actually helps you.

So now what?

I want you to story tell.

Tell the story in which you, the hero, is a problem solver rather than a victim.

Imagine what Oprah could tell about her life. One that she was poor and treated poorly because of her race, or the one she makes millions and is a global star & influencer. One will keep her believing she is a victim and the other one will keep her believing she can do what she says she can do.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Write a timeline of major events in your life.
  2. Read it & decide if it’s a positive or negative story.
  3. Rewrite it as you’re the victim, the damsel in distress, the poor soul.
  4. Rewrite it as a comedy and full of humor and laughter.
  5. Rewrite it as an adventure and you are the Wonder Woman.

You’ll see the power as you do it. Trust me. This storytelling is an effective therapeutic step to your mental and emotional freedom, personal power, and mastery of circumstances.

When I did it, I could see that I was choosing to see my circumstances as if I was a victim instead of being the hero. I saw that just by choosing to tell myself a different story, I could live a different story. Hope & freedom & grit sprouted. And I started being the kind of woman I wanted to see as the main character in my life. The hero.

And if you’re like me, you’ll also realize you’ve had the power all along, my dear. You just had to see it for yourself. (Glenda the Good Witch, Wizard of Oz)

“Most people think they’ll believe in their own potential for success when they see I; the truth is, you’ll see it the very instant you decide to believe it.” – Martha Beck.

(This exercise was originally given to me by Martha Beck, life coach extraordinaire.)