Life Hack: 5 Natural Tips For Glowing Skin

So is it every girl’s dream to be 23 and asked if she was 13 for adult admission into a museum? No. 

(This is a true, factual story.  Ask my mother who was with me.)

However, it IS every woman’s dream to be 44 and asked – very seriously – if she was over 21 for adult admission into a music venue.  (Also a true story.  Ask my husband and SIL – who is younger than me.)

Now, I have gone through a lot of various skin care routines.  Including not washing my face at all at night in my 30s because I heard it dried out your skin.  And for the most part, I’ve always looked young and had fairly good skin.  

But to be told numerous times by all different people – family, friends, random strangers at music venues – that I look in my 20s…that’s due to some simple things I’ve implemented in my life over the past 10 years.  

When I say simple…I mean simple. Most are free. Most can be started today. Most are things anyone anywhere can do and fit into any time budget.

I’m a low maintenance girl when it comes to beauty care. I want affordable, minimal, and easy.

You’re in luck.  I’m going to share these affordable, minimal and easy life skin care tips with you here.  

If you’re like me, you’re going to try two of them for two days and expect to see a complete change.  Sorry Charlie.  

That’s not what I’m sharing here.  I AM saying that with consistency, commitment and these tips, you WILL see great results.  At least that’s been my story.

5 Natural Tips for Glowing Skin 

Drink half your weight in water every day.  I am not even kidding about this.  Fill up your bottles, preferably glass.  Here’s the one I use. Get a lemon.  Put it in a fun glass.  Buy a swirly straw.  Do what you have to do, but drink water.  No carbonated stuff either.  We’re talking straight up water.  If you learned to like beer and bourbon, you can learn to like water.  I am not messing around with this one. 

Eat a clean diet.  I eat “clean” 80% of the time.  That means for us no dairy, no gluten, no processed foods, nothing sweet except sugar for our sweet tea.  Since we travel a lot, it’s not 100%. But that’s okay.  Life is better with moderation and grace.  

Sleep.  I know you’ve heard it before but it has to be on the list.  As soon as you can, as much as you can, make sleeping a priority for you.  Get your room dark and cold.  Get some cozy blankets.  Get a noise maker. Use an app for white noise or ocean noise or whatever noise puts you to sleep. Take your melatonin or CBD oil.  And get a nightly routine going that relaxes you…this is my next (and favorite) step!

Get a “clean” skincare.  What I mean is, you are putting hundreds of chemicals into your body every day through processed foods, drinks, make-up, hair care, skin care, fragrances, etc.  Everything that touches or goes in your body does SOMETHING.  When you pick products that are organic or as “clean” as possible – meaning have ingredients you can pronounce and/or plant-based – you set your skin up for success.  I’ve had the most success using Primally Pure.  I’ve tried a couple of other skincare products in the past year including Rodan and Fields and Ann Marie Organics.  Both of them were okay, but nothing like Primally Pure.  I have been using PP for about 8 months and saw almost immediate results.  I’ll do a PP review on another post.  But…using it has now made getting ready for bed at night SOOOOO enjoyable.  I actually look forward to it.  And I’m a low maintenance product person.  

Don’t have kids.  Just kidding!  Kind of.  What I really mean is – manage your mind (mindset, stress and anxiety level).  The more you worry or have a negative mindset, the more it keeps you eating what you don’t want to eat, not sleeping, drinking “other” things, and skipping your nightly skin care routine.  Everything is in moderation and grace, so that’s not horrible.  However, stress and negativity also flips the open for business sign on for catching viruses, colds, diseases. It opens you up for depression, feeling stuck, giving up on your goals and dreams.  You were made for more than that. 

And the way you think about yourself creates how you feel about yourself. And the way you feel about yourself can either create a glow from the inside out. It starts with how you think and feel about yourself – so managing your mindset and emotions is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to create that inner and outer glow.

When you love yourself, you glow from the inside. You attract people who love, respect, and appreciate your enrergy. Everything starts with how you feel about yourself. – @oyerooh via Mel Robbins

Now you have them.  The top 5 things that have helped me keep incredible skin for so many years.  

Pick one and start there. Don’t try all at once. Whenever any human implements a lot of change in one week, they inevitably fail in one area and then throw in the towel in all areas. Start small and build wins.

However, if I had to pick ONE for you to choose – I’d pick managing your mind and stress.  It’s what helps you create healthy habits and reach your goals and dreams.  And there’s nothing more beautiful than someone who glows from the inside out.  

If you ever want to get connected with a coach who can help you manage your habits, goals, and dreams, let me know.  If we are not a perfect fit, I know hundreds of coaches.  I’m happy to match you with the right one for you.