Confidence & clarity

Hands up (if this is you)!


You love to love people.  You say yes to a lot of people.  You spend most of your time pleasing, doing, and serving others.  You’re so busy thinking, giving, & doing for them that you ignore yourself.  

It’s probably easy to ignore yourself because you either lost yourself or you never knew her. 

You’re tired of feeling pressured and stifled.  It’s like you’re not allowed to have your own opinion or do what you want.  You feel like you don’t have a say in your own home, job, and life.  

You do the things to improve you – personality tests, therapy, yoga, God, self-help books, and yet you stay exhausted, anxious & caged. 

You want connection with others and with yourself.  You want to stop feeling like an Imposter, secretly resenting people & unhappy.  

What you really want is to know yourself and be free to be yourself.  To show up for your life, not everyone else’s. 

You want to be who God created you to be and offer the world the voice that only you have.  

That’s when you shine.  That’s when you get to make the biggest impact.  That’s where you give the greatest gift you can give to the world – the confident & fulfilled you.  



There is a simple solution.

It has nothing to do with your worthiness! You didn’t do anything wrong & there’s nothing wrong with you.  You ARE enough & you’re NOT too much.  

The answer is not in a book or in a therapist or one more yoga practice. 

It’s in you.  In your brain.

That’s what makes my approach different than anything you’ve ever done before. Helping you understand what is happening in your brain and see how it’s creating the results you have is my superpower.  


Confidence & Clarity

I help women like you solve the problem of overthinking, people pleasing, and pressure in your life.  

On  our call, we will discuss the unique challenges and obstacles you face.  I’ll walk  you through my before and after process and by the time we’re done with our call, you’ll 

  • have an understanding of what coaching is and if it’s the right solution for you. 
  • know you’re not alone and there is a simple solution to your problem.

I work with women who are serious about taking charge of their life.  They are ready to know themselves & be confident, content, & connected. 

If that’s you, and you’re ready now, let’s meet to discuss  how  my  coaching program can get you Living Life Fulfilled.  


You changed my mind about life coaching and you’re so good that I think everyone should do it!  I’m trying to talk () into it since she feels stuck in therapy.  Even sharing the worst you have never made me feel shame or judgement so I feel very safe. I’ve learned & grown a lot in this year and still learning to apply all that I’ve learned.  You are kind, capable, and a great teacher.  I feel like I learn something new or useful every time. 

Real Estate Agent


I learned how to not judge myself, have my back and allow my feelings, and listen to whatever showed up. I learned how to find my voice and make decisions based on what I “wanted” and show up as myself and not always trying to accommodate my partner. I DEFINETLY learned how to not “filter” myself.
Executive Assistant


I saw such a massive shift in how I lived my life. I was able to see the common themes in my life and how I was holding myself back. I realized that I had to see myself as worthy first, in order to start to shifting into the life I’ve always wanted for myself. Which of course included finding someone to share my life with.

Her program is amazing! It allows you to take a full inventory of your life and make changes that are beneficial throughout it, not just your dating life. 
It’s changed who I am, and I stand by Natalie’s process and support.



Natalie showed me how it is possible to hold my thoughts captive and really get to the bottom of what is going on.  As it turns out, things I was struggling with and to an extent “blaming things” on, was really just false beliefs.  I am so grateful that our paths crossed and she helped me learn a new way of thinking that I use everyday now!

Laura Beth
College Admissions


Life coaching was a totally new approach for me to handle problems. The most pivotal change - was being coached in a clear way on how to process. I saw this benefit many areas of my life: my dating relationship, work, as well as my job search. We ALL have patterns - some are negative and causing harm in your life. If you want to see real change, get some professional help and have Natalie COACH you. You won't regret it.
Project Manager


It is very empowering to be in charge of my life and to be able to show up as a confident woman. Having Natalie to be there with compassion and without judgment and also having to allow and accept me has been such a pleasure and relief.​

Cyrra Kate


I started coaching with Natalie to learn how to process things on my own and stop landing on the same place in my life.   I was tired of cycles and never moving forward!   Working with Natalie, I now have a much more positive conversation in my head and am more empowered.  If you aren’t 100% happy where you are, do the coaching!  If you’re struggling where you’re at, do it!

Church Staff


In three months of working with Natalie, she has made me challenge and question my thoughts. I can confidentially say she has given me the tools to recognize the qualities I have, that I didn’t realize I had, or if I did, I didn’t have the confidence to acknowledge.


The biggest growth has been done in the past 3 months with Natalie, coaching.  I’m so grateful for being challenged to change my thoughts so I can be the person I want to be and show up as my authentic self.  Still putting in work, but proud of the growth in this weird time!

College Coach