Imagine Being Wildly In Love

How Would Your Life Change?

What If?

What if it were possible to love going into work? 

You would have clarity on your goals and purpose.  You wouldn’t feel lost anymore. 

What if it were possible to feel confident at every meeting, every dinner, and every date you go on?

You would stop the self-doubt, second guessing, and wondering if the guy or the boss liked you enough.  

You would be able to relax and breathe.  

What if you didn’t worry if a guy didn’t text you back or if you said the wrong thing?

You were busy instead creating adventures in your life with new friends and new hobbies.

What if you felt beautiful in your body & bought the dress you’ve always wanted to wear?

You would feel confident because you loved yourself more than others’ approval.

What if you took control over the story that God has given you?  

The Journey Begins

For the woman who is done with being lost.

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed with emotions. 

You’re sick of feeling like there’s something wrong with you.

Your journey begins now.

You start taking control now.

You have the power to take the step, make the effort, and change your life.


What You’ll Find on the Journey

You’ll learn how your brain works, how you can rewire your thought patterns & how you overcome the overthinking.  This is a process you can apply daily to any area of your life.

Tap into your true self.  Recognize what you love to do most.  Overcome insecurity and self-doubt.  Be comfortable in your skin whether you are at work or at play.   You will learn how your beliefs around yourself and the world are holding you back.  You’ll learn the exact process to change these limiting beliefs and increase your confidence in any area of life.

You will learn how to make decisions around your goals, commit to them, and override the discomfort that keeps people from actually achieving them.  This is not just writing them down and measuring them. This is making them happen!

You will learn how to define your values, create goals, make stronger decisions, and enjoy a life you love. 

This goes for friendships or for family relationships.  Save the drama for your mama!  You can gain control and create what you want for your relationships.   It all starts with learning how your beliefs have been holding you back and how you can start the change to create an amazing relationship you do want.

You will learn how to manage all of those emotions can take control of your day. Instead, you will know exactly how to stop the spinning, and instead create the calm & joy you really want in your life that exudes confidence. 

If your life is on FIRE…if you are living a life that you LOVE…you will have all the skills and confidence to ALSO find the love of your life. 

Here's how it works

Let's connect!

You can start your journey by connecting with me.  Schedule a free call where I can show you what your brain is doing.  

You will get a tip or tool from me to implement right away and you’ll leave with an understanding of what coaching is and if it’s the right solution for you.  


Sign up here.  I can’t wait to meet you!


Natalie showed me how it is possible to hold my thoughts captive and really get to the bottom of what is going on.  As it turns out, things I was struggling with and to an extent “blaming things” on, was really just false beliefs.  I am so grateful that our paths crossed and she helped me learn a new way of thinking that I use everyday now!

Laura Beth

Boss of her own life


Thank you for teaching me about emotions.  You helped me realize that humans all have a variety of emotions.  All of them necessary.  It’s the yin and yang of life.  I am crying even as I type this but it’s because I’m full of gratitude to God for seeking a way – through you – to help me. 


Teacher Extraordinaire


I’m so thankful for Natalie and for all the work we’ve done the last few months. It’s changing my life outlook on things.  This work is really opening my eyes to work I can actually do so I can move forward.  Thankful for Natalie!


Single Lovely Lady