what if I told you Love 

is Just 5 steps away?

Work With Me

I know what you want.

The husband, the kids, the memories made with them. 

Travel adventures, cuddling on the couch, and a shoulder to cry on during the tough times.

Someone to love.

I know what you need to do.

It will save you years of crying, lonely nights, and heartbreaks.

You’ll have less dateless weddings & less tables for one.

Less drama.  Less set ups & less breakups.

It is nothing you’ve ever tried before. 

Every relationship needs it. 

The sooner you do, the sooner…

you have more confidence & clarity

you make stronger, more powerful decisions

you enjoy your life now & then

you get engaged

you have a family

you make memories 


What is coaching?

It’s helping you get the results you want in your life and creating greater awareness of who you want to become.  It’s building a foundation of whatever it is that you want to pursue that will last.  It’s valuable because it will save you the money, time, heartbreak, and agony you’d spend if you try to get it yourself. 

The value of coaching with me…

I show you the things you don’t see holding you back and running interference on your dreams.  I’ll help you see when what you’re telling yourself is only hurting you.  I help you overcome the obstacles you believe are in your way of your dreams.    

Why now?

The most expensive way to do something is through experience. 

You can spend money & years on crying, trying, dating, books, podcasts, conferences, trainings, online apps, and therapy. 

It can cost you years of being alone, waiting on a family.  

Or… invest in yourself and your future now.

The best investment is investing in your most valuable asset – your brain.

your New Love Story - In 5 Steps

My 5 Step Dating To Marry Process

I’ll show you step by step what to do to go from dating (or not) to Dating to Marry.  

Each step is broken down for you with actionable application so you know what to do, and so you can apply it to your marriage!

 Every woman has beliefs and thought patterns that are running her love story.  

You will learn EXACTLY what patterns you have, which ones you want to change, and HOW to change them.  All so you can have that love story you really want. 

You have never been told how to think like this.  

It’s not in fairy tales, but it can create the fairy tale story you want.


Here's how it works

I solve problems for a living.

I help women like you solve the problems of love & dating.  

On  our call, we will discuss the unique challenges and obstacles you face.  

I will walk  you through my before and after process and by the time we’re done with our call, you’ll  know 

  • a tool to implement right away.
  • an understanding of what coaching is and if it’s the right solution for you. 
  • you’re not alone and there is a simple solution to your problem.

I work with women who are serious about changing their life and finding love. 

You want to get off the dating treadmill.  You want to stop looking externally to find happiness and love.  You are ready to fully love yourself and fully  love someone else.  

If that’s you, and you’re ready now, let’s meet to discuss  how  my  coaching program can be the difference you’ve been missing.  


Natalie showed me how it is possible to hold my thoughts captive and really get to the bottom of what is going on.  As it turns out, things I was struggling with and to an extent “blaming things” on, was really just false beliefs.  I am so grateful that our paths crossed and she helped me learn a new way of thinking that I use everyday now!

- Laura Beth M.


Thank you for teaching me about emotions.  You helped me realize that humans all have a variety of emotions.  All of them necessary.  It’s the yin and yang of life.  I am crying even as I type this but it’s because I’m full of gratitude to God for seeking a way – through you – to help me. 

- Teresa A.


I’m so thankful for Natalie and for all the work we’ve done the last few months. It’s changing my life outlook on things.  This work is really opening my eyes to work I can actually do so I can move forward.  Thankful for Natalie!

- Sara C.